Defying Nature with a Gender Studies Course

I believe in equal opportunity. Women should have the same legal rights as men, should not be treated as inferior, and both genders should be on equal ground. That’s what I thought my gender and leadership class was going to support, and though they support women biologically, they do not support femininity. To explain, the class explained to women how to be treated as equals, how to be taken seriously, and how to break through that ever notorious glass ceiling. To summarize hours and hours of lectures and readings, they just teach females how to act like males. Be aggressive, be assertive, be dominant, be powerful, act like a strong male and males will take you seriously. I would say that’s a step backwards for equality. If a girl has to act like a man to be taken seriously as a female, then she is not being taken seriously as a female. Women should be able to act like women, be different, and still be respected for their qualities, be paid equally, and be given the same opportunities.

Top positions are becoming less and less anti-women, but are staying anti-feminine. The class focused on great non feminine acting women, even if they wore feminine outfits. The class was called gender and leadership, not women and leadership, and yet we were only allowed to select positive female leaders for the leadership presentations. Yet in another class on bad leadership, everyone selected males as historical bad leaders. This causes students to study good women (though mostly non feminine) and bad men (mostly very masculine). On purpose or not, these kinds of biases are not good for either gender. The females in class felt they needed to be more masculine (some wanted to and some didn’t) and the guys basically took all the blame for all gender equality issues (terrible for confidence). The guys didn’t take it too personally, but it still was not good for them to hear (the girls either for that matter). The main problem is that the guys accepted it.

Now there are some naturally masculine women and naturally feminine men. That’s fine, but there are also some naturally feminine females, and naturally masculine males. These roles, however, are not portrayed as acceptable. The same thing holds in mass media. Why is it that the girl can never be kissed by the guy anymore? Even in cute princess stories like Rapunzel, she kissed the guy first. I just about cheer when a guy kisses the girl in a movie. It is so rare that out of the many many movies I have watched, I can probably list the movies on one had where that happens. My point is these classes, however seriously taken, are training women to want to be like men, and men to want to be like women (since men are the problem). If you look it up, the original feminists truly despised men. It was based on what they had gone through, truly sad, but there ideas shouldn’t be taught.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I went to a college where girls pursued guys, and the guys wouldn’t budge unless courted, they all just sat around and gossiped. And then I’m the sexist one if I think a guy should chase a girl. Equal treatment is not males treating females like males, or females treating males like females. Each person should be treated differently based on their own personality, but there are guys who are masculine and masculine guys should be able to court feminine women without it being looked down upon. It’s a type of personality that’s maybe old fashioned, but that’s ok to have. I mean I don’t think people are that highly evolved. In some of us, it’s simply natures way.

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