Modern Day Princess and the Pea

“Your too sensitive”, um… duh, I’m a girl. Do you want someone insensitive? Then date a dude.

I continue to wonder how so many women fall for the ‘your too sensitive’ line. Sensitivity on an issue is not a negative characteristic. It’s something guys need more of. Imagine a world where a kid falls and scrapes their knee, runs to their mother, and she says ‘oh that, That’s nothing, don’t be so sensitive’, and then goes back to doing what she was doing. A 6 year old boy or girl would feel dejected, foolish, and unimportant. Every kid should have a mother who comforts them, makes them feel better, and is (ahem) sensitive to their problems. In relationships it may not be a scraped knee, but a scraped ego, or hurt feelings. If your guy comes to you and says I just had the most horrid day, and you say, well you know, that’s just life. He’d probably dump you for someone who’s sensitive to his emotional needs. So relish in your sensitivity. Be proud of the fact that you have something that he wants, and more important, needs.

Now, on the flipside, BE insensitive to guys you like who are ‘just friends’ but who call/text you to talk about their relationship issues. This is dangerous to your health. Don’t become a guy’s comfort blanket/mommy, because he will never want to hook up with you. Will he have emotional feelings for you? Yes, but he’ll be about as sexually interested in you as he is in his own mother. 

To reiterate, be sensitive! It’s a great thing, but don’t be sensitive to an undeserving guy, or you will become insensitive. And if the guy doesn’t like a sweet and sensitive girl, then it’s best to steer clear. Usually only jerks don’t want that, because they know you are actually going to call them on the things they do wrong. Guys use the line in order to get you defending yourself, instead of talking about the issue at hand. They call you sensitive/other perceived insults, in order to distract you/change the topic. If that happens just say thank you, and go straight back to the real problem.

Just remember, the only way they could find out if a girl was a princess in olden times, was to test her sensitivity. Thus, the princess and the pea. It’s a good trait to have, girls just don’t know it anymore.
Oh, and for a quick way to throw off an angry man, just ask him why he’s being so sensitive? Nine times out of ten they’ll stop their tirade in a pretty entertaining way. 

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