Fetch boy, you’ll get more play ;)


I would like to talk about some flaws in the ‘bro code’ or whatever it is. Just to say beforehand, at first I thought these rules were unique to one guy until I saw them re-emerge in the next guy , and the next guy, and… well you get the point.

#1 (and it’s #1 because it’s personally the most annoying) : Taking advise about a girl from another girl. “Oh no but I’ve known her forever, we go way back…”. I don’t care how much you think she’s giving you an honest opinion. There is a benefit in it for her somewhere. Even if she is legit and good intentioned, at the same time she could be legitimately wrong. Girls understand other girls about as well as guys understand girls (and that’s really poorly if the sarcasm didn’t come across). Though I’ve never actually met a girl whose legitimately trying to help and secretly doesn’t just want to hook up with you, or just doesn’t want anyone else to have you. I mean come on, girls are each others competition. I’ve seen too many guys taking advice from girls they shouldn’t, and it cost them relationships, confidence, and more. Oh, and it’s a major turnoff for girls when you say you have close girls who are friends, or you don’t say anything, but your close ‘friend’ is glaring us down while their hugging you. Girls mark their territory just as much, if not more than boys. We’re just more sneaky.

#2 ‘Don’t chase em, replace em’ Brilliant, only be with girls you don’t like, and let the one’s you do, get away. As a wise man once said ‘there’s no such thing as a free lunch’. You get what you pay for, and when you have to replace girls, you have to drop your standards lower and lower.

So if you want to be with someone who is clingy, needy, and will lower your IQ with just one conversation, keep swappin those broads. You’ll also get a bonus prize when the girl you let walk away, stops responding to your drunk texts.

In all honesty, I think this one is a result of low self-esteem, and the fear of ruining a good relationship. They think there is nothing to risk losing if they are in a bad relationship, but that’s not true. So start chasing, the game’s way more fun, plus, you (and the girl you like), won’t have to hide out from your current psycho girlfriend.


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