Stop Drinking, Start Thinking

Throughout high school and college, drinking is sort of popular. I think once you hit legal age, it’s not as big of a deal (maybe). No matter, here are some common arguments made, for drinking, that I would like to address.

1) Drinking is good for you: They used to have commercials saying how smoking helped your breathing. There are some centenarians who claim they have lived so long because they smoke. ‘But studies have proven that its good for you…’ And to that I say, how many college kids only drink one glass of wine at night, and stop there. I doubt if that’s ever been done. So, that’s not a very good reason. More alcohol consumption than a glass or two is not good for you, and that’s the problem, people don’t stop when their supposed to. Not starting, is better than overdosing. My final point for this argument is that it’s only good for you if your 21 or older… How many people arguing this point are under 21? (Most of them) so stop using this line.

2) Jesus drank, and he was like a saint, so… : Jesus never got drunk, he drank fermented beverages like Kombucha. You can drink as much as you want, and its impossible to get drunk. The drink helps digest food, which is why they always drank it at meals. So yes, you can drink fermented beverages that will never give you a buzz. Everyone wins, right?

3) You’ll have no friends/won’t be popular : Really? Since when does drinking make anyone popular? People won’t like/dislike you based on how much you drink. I mean unless your planning on being drunk every second your around them. Then that might be true. Except for the fact that people you have to drink with, to even stand being around, are not your friends.

4) It looks cool : Yep, nothing cooler than throwing up chunks in front of the person you like. Not to mention the added STD you’ll have in the morning. Cause you know that is popular. One in four college students have STD’s, along with 50% of the larger population. No way that could be from consuming judgement impairing drinks. Nope, so cool.

5) It’s fun : I’m sure it’s lots of fun dropping out of college and moving back in with your parents. I bet those parties your first semester will be worth the trade many years down the road.

6) You have to try it at least once : I get this one, because everyone needs to know what it feels like to burn themselves on a hot stove. How else would they know not to do it? It’s important to do it at least one time, it’s not like it could kill you…

7) It will build your confidence : meaning it will loosen you up, make you dumber, and in the end, easy.

8) College experience : The national average of colleges graduating students within six years, (for a 4 year degree) is around 50%. When you see a college graduation rate, it’s not accurate. If a student drops out at 20, and then comes back 20 years later when their 40, the school reports them as graduated, along with every other currently enrolled student. School ‘graduation’ rates do not represent actual graduates. It represents how many graduated, plus, how many came back/are currently enrolled. So if that 20 year old who dropped out, comes back , even if they are not graduated, they are shown as graduated. Schools explain this in the fine print, it’s just hard to find and complicated. So, if the average is 50% (top schools are included too, like Harvard at 97%) then what is the actual rate? This is the typical college experience. Lots of debt, no confidence, STD’s, and no diploma. In the end, this argument doesn’t come close to moving me.
This is just to negate the pros of drinking. If I hear anymore, I’ll be happy to add and debate them.

STD statistics

Graduation Rates

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