Please Stop Making Decisions Based on Your Emotions: Sincerely – Your Emotional Health

There’s a lot of pressure on us to follow our emotions blindly. ‘What does your heart say?’ ‘Do what feels right’ etc. And to that, I would like to call B.S.

Emotions are one of the most unstable things in existence. They depend on what you eat, what movies you’ve watched, what books you’ve read, the time you’ve spent outside, even news you hear that in no way impacts your daily routine, but still manages to stress you out or cheer you up.

Try drinking 3 red bulls in the morning, and eating nothing for the rest of the day. See if that doesn’t mess with your emotions. So why should we ever trust them? If we do, our lives resemble them. It would be an unpredictable, chaotic, mess, that changes depending on whether you had cream cheese with your bagel.

Now gut checks are a different matter. Your gut actually host’s a ‘second brain’. If you knew it or not, there are over 100 million neuron cells that live there, and they have a mind of their own. So, when your emotions have driven your head crazy, listen to your gut. It seems to me, that the more a person ignores their gut, the harder it becomes to hear it. So start practicing!

Ever wonder why teens/college kids are prone to do not so smart things? Well their typically functioning with one brain instead of two. No sleep, crappy diet, constant dramatic stress… It’s a wonder they survive at all. When they are with their friends and they think up, oh say, riding on the hood of a car that’s going 40 miles an hour. Head brain goes, ‘sounds like a challenge, why not?’.

This is where the gut is supposed to use colorful language, question their mental sanity, and explain what will happen when they fly off the hood and hit the pavement. However, when your gut is exhausted from late night partying, late night texting, and late night video gaming, plus, is trying to digest Cheetos, Livewire, and Twizzlers, and, is trying to recover from watching your ex post new make out pics with one of your friends at the restaurant of your first date… etc. Then the gut doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do. It goes ‘your doing what? Ya whatever, go for it’.

So, in order for people to be able to make smart decisions, we have to eat right, sleep right, and de-dramatize our lives. Then, the next time someone wants you to do something your unsure of, and they ask ‘What does your heart tell you?’, you won’t dive straight into a Taylor Swift song. You’ll go, gee, my feelings also want me to go pet a tiger, so I’m not going to listen to that. You’ll go, I know your trouble (even though your adorable), so I’m going to have to pass. Yes, in the moment it may feel like being run over by a car, but that is temporary. Give it a little time, and your emotions Will thank you for it.

Info on ‘Second Brain’ :

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