Keep Your Eye on the Board; and other college techniques


Your clothes, your car, your home, your pets, and even your lunch, can say a lot about you. But have you ever considered what your seat can say? Here are some things to think about, the next time you walk into a classroom.

1) Teachers judge you by it. I’ve briefly mentioned this before, but this is a big one. As one professor stated during lecture, ‘A students, sit in the front row’. I think it would have been taken a little differently if he had said ‘F students sit in the back row’. As far as professors are concerned, you choose your grade when you choose your seat. Of course you can still get a good grade from the back, but it’s like running a marathon with your feet tied together.

2) Distractions: I didn’t find this out until I personally switched from the back to the front. People are distracting. Usually I’m pretty good with this one, and I’m a pretty good student. However, whenever I get stuck behind a cute guy with a gorgeous smile, my focus is gone. If they were next to me, it was distracting, but there’s something about when they’re sitting in front of you that makes the instructors voice near unintelligible. Just think of ‘Mean Girls’. The only class she failed was the class with a cute guy in front of her. It’s not a gender issue, but sitting in the front will help you focus on the lecture, instead of someone’s new haircut.

3) Peers: Some of my worst team experiences happened when I sat in the back of the class. I moved to the front and like magic, I started working on great teams. No drama, no dropouts, no procrastinators, no crappy projects, and no absenteeism. When you sit at the front, you sit with the overachievers. They want a good grade. This means less work, less stress, and an all around better grade for you. Professors will also judge you based on the company you keep. There’s typically a teachers favorite in the front as well, so you’ll get added points on group work just for that. Sit with the Hermione’s and it’s easy to get a good grade. Who knew?

4) Notes: You can actually see the board in the front of the room. You can hear what the professor is saying. And, complicated calculations are easy to see (if not understand). Most classes, there would be people standing up in the back/moving around in order to see clearly. It also helps you remember because you were right up front in the action. It’s strange, but you can actually learn way easier in the front.

Now that I’ve over-analyzed mine, what’s your favorite spot in the classroom?

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