Ptch Perfct; the unfortunate side effects of editing


Warning: This article contains movie spoilers for Pitch Perfect.

Honestly, I think Pitch Perfect was an awesome movie. One of my all time favorites. But this isn’t about me, oh no. This, is about the movies underlying messages and their forces for good or evil. I’m exaggerating a bit, but based on how many times I saw the movie, I know the makers had a captive audience. They could have really had its message heard loud and clear. And that would have been great, but some of the biggest ideas in the movie got edited out. So, in order to make amends, and fix the movies message; the following, is the subsequent plot with the cut scenes added back into the film.

Becca and her dad.
When Becca is in the kitchen talking to her dad, he says ‘And you thought quitting was the answer?’ This was after she left the semi-finals. She replies, ‘Seriously, you can say that to me?’. The part they edited out, was that Beccas’ parents didn’t just get divorced. Her dad left her and her mom when she was younger. This is a huge part of the movie. It’s why she shuts people out. She would rather not have friends/a boyfriend, than have them abandon her when she needs them. But, she also picked up neglectful tendencies from her dad. When relationships get hard, she just leaves. She also can’t sit through movies because she gets bored, and stops paying attention. Which is why it was a big deal when she sat all the way through The Breakfast Club. She was resolving some of her issues.

Basically, the main problems she has in the film, are a direct result of what her dad did to her. One of the biggest problems with their relationship, is that it was portrayed as ‘right’ for her to get advice from him. I don’t think anyone should take relationship advice from someone who abandoned their wife and kid. It was also unhealthy for her to build a relationship with him by the end. It’s not like she had to completely cut him out of her life, but the closer they are, the more likely she is to repeat her family history.

Now to those who say the dad has changed/don’t you believe in forgiveness? I would like to suggest you read another post I have on forgiveness. But, if you say he’s different, he’s not. Here are some reasons why. When Becca called him out on abandoning her and her mother, he didn’t apologize. Which means he never has. He said that’s not fair, and started coming up with excuses. He still thinks it’s all about him. Instead of saying abandoning you was the worst mistake of my life, he said, well me and your mother just didn’t work. He wasn’t thinking about his responsibilities to his kid, but what made his life easier. Then, he tried to continue to control her life by making her go to the university he taught at. When she got arrested, he never asked her if she was okay or if she was hurt. Nope, he just started yelling at her. He was still just thinking ‘how does this affect me?’, not, is she alright? She was only in the situation because of his California offer. But, again, he refused to take responsibility for trying to control her life, and instead went back on his promise. So, just a few examples.

Becca and Jesse
This was a great representation of a healthy relationship, except for one part. And that part was when Becca went to Jesse’s dorm and said, ‘I know your mad because I yelled at you’. To which he replied, ‘you think I’m mad because you yelled at me?’, and each time I thought, well isn’t he? It kept bugging me. I couldn’t figure out what he was upset about if it wasn’t the yelling. Until I saw the cut scenes. In the original version Becca didn’t leave the semi-finals and go back to her dorm. She left and then went out with Luke (the radio station guy). He had invited her earlier, so she accepted his invitation.

They didn’t have much fun and only talked for a few minutes. She also found out that Jesse kept bugging Luke to play her music, so that was why he did. But since they took this out of the movie, no one knows that’s why Jesse was miserable over spring break, won’t return her calls, and was like ‘You think I’m mad because you yelled at me?’. He knew she had issues, and was okay with working on that, but he didn’t think she would just start going out with another guy and act like it was nothing. However, since she did, he was ‘done with it’.

This is why she had to make a big deal about the fact that she liked him. She had to work hard, not because he was oversensitive, but because she really messed up, and that was a terrible thing for her to do. But, the movie no longer shows a healthy way to deal with a person who treats you like Becca treated Jesse. It just made him look touchy, when he actually did exactly what he was supposed to do. He didn’t start yelling at her, or get all emotional. He just went, you don’t like me/aren’t treating me right, so I’m not going to let you treat me like that anymore. Brilliant. But, unfortunately, they took this out. He set up appropriate boundaries, which is a rare thing nowadays. So I think this would have been great for people to see.

I still think it’s a great movie. It just would have been more realistic/beneficial for people to watch if it had certain scenes left in. Oh and if he had kissed her at the end. Well at least he tried to kiss her first, (when they watched Breakfast Club in her dorm), that’s better than most. If you haven’t seen it, you should watch it (though I kind of spoiled it). If you have seen it, hopefully now the movie will have more takeaway.

Good luck out there

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