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Liar Liar

You know when you lie… at first. But there seems to be no limit of things humans can convince themselves of: I’ll start my diet tomorrow The light was still yellow He does love me How do we distinguish little … Continue reading

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Ptch Perfct; the unfortunate side effects of editing

Warning: This article contains movie spoilers for Pitch Perfect. Honestly, I think Pitch Perfect was an awesome movie. One of my all time favorites. But this isn’t about me, oh no. This, is about the movies underlying messages and their … Continue reading

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Forgiveness, is Not Putting Bernie Madoff in Charge of Your Finances

When did forgiveness turn into a scapegoat for bad people doing bad deeds? Forgiveness is, letting go of hurt feelings, not wishing bad things to happen to the forgiven, and wishing good for them. But that last part, seems to … Continue reading

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