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Can You Handle the Truth? The reality of ‘Safe Haven’

(some spoilers for ‘Safe Haven’) “People always do things for their self best interest”. The professor continued, “every decision everyone makes is driven by self interest”. I glanced around at the other students faces, some agreeing, some disinterested, and some … Continue reading

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What’s Changing in Your Relationship? thoughts for Valentines

He was tall, with dark features, and ruggedly handsome. I felt my heart skip a beat every time he smiled or laughed. Every girl wanted him, but to my amazement, he wanted me. I had to contain my excitement when … Continue reading

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Lust, Love, and a whole lot of Lies; Pride and Prejudice vs. The Ugly Truth

Things have changed since the days of Jane Austin. Her books are slow going, with lots of details, and thick content. What are today’s romance novels like? 50 Shades of Grey? Not exactly romantic. I picked Pride and Prejudice and … Continue reading

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